The artist group stachel© is a registered association (ZVR no.: 1027670685)


stachel© MANIFEST

We are standing on the fertile ground of changes.
Our association is based on the equality of human and artistic spirit.
We consider it our noblest duty to devote our best efforts to the humanitarian and cultural construction of a free and diverse Europe.
We advocate the freedom of arts in all their forms of expression and support them with all the means at our disposal.
We promote the free expression of views and opinions, as well as public comment on them.
We consider it as our task to collect all valuable talents in the artistic-creative field and to use them for the public good of the whole.
We are neither a party nor an elitist class in our own right, but people who do creative work in a lively way that contributes to the common good of the people.
We have respect for each other's performance and work of others, which we respect and accept in every field and in every form.
We turn to all artists who feel called and responsible. We send them a human-uniting greeting with the wish to participate actively, visually and constructively in the shaping of our future in a cooperative way.


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